Get Started With New School Discipline Laws

This year the state of California adopted 5 school-discipline-related laws. These new laws will make a difference in your schools and classrooms — but it’s going to be up to us to help implement them. Here are some resources to help community members and educators work together to make these changes a reality.

Explore the resources below:

Watch a Webinar

Education rights experts Laura Faer of Public Counsel and Deborah Escobedo of Youth Law Center walk you through what the new laws will mean for schools — and how to get the most out of them. Click here to watch the webinar at our YouTube channel.

Get more information about the laws

Download a 2-page flyer about the 4 new laws (PDF)

AB 2616 Fact Sheet (MS Word)AB 2537 Fact Sheet (MS Word)

AB 1909 Fact Sheet (MS Word)

AB 1729 Fact Sheet (MS Word)

SB 1088 Fact Sheet (MS Word)

Final Bill Chart (MS Word)


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