The COVID-19 crisis forced school districts across California to close physical school campuses and institute emergency remote schooling programs. This section highlights resources for educators, parents, youth and community that help inform advocacy to support students during the pandemic.

For educators, this section provides two beneficial resources: 1.) examples of districts implementing practices to support students in distance learning, and 2.) articles reframing school discipline in the midst of COVID-19.


Dignity in Schools Campaign – California

“Stop The Pandemic’s School Push Out!” We are the parents, grandparents, foster parents, families and guardians of the children and youth of color whose voices have been missing from schools’ response to this pandemic. In solidarity with the Dignity in Schools Campaign-CA, the Fix School Discipline coalition aligns with the work of our community partners in centering the voice of community. The education system that criminalizes Black, Indigenous, students of color, LGBTQ students and students with disabilities is the same system that marginalized their families and invalidates their demands.

National Center for Youth Law

Elevating Equity during the Pandemic: CA School District Distance Learning Plans that support the needs of vulnerable students offers references of equity learning during COVID-19.This resource encourages schools to implement best practice approach to distance learning providing examples of different districts across California.

Public Counsel

The Parent Guidebook on School Discipline includes a section addressing concerns in learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidebook provides forms to parents and students to document requests for assistance accessing learning devices and help to document concerning and multiple instances of class exclusion. You can download it in Spanish and English.


The Inanity of Zoom School Suspensions

The New York Times – Aaricka Washington. “Disciplinary action is often needless and discriminatory. The patchwork of in-person and virtual schooling is making things worse.”

The New School Suspension: Blocked from Online Classrooms

HuffPost – Rebecca Klein. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are grappling with how to discipline students from afar.”

How is COVID-19 Changing School Discipline

K-12 Dive Naaz Modan “Remote settings have made traditional disciplinary more challenging. More punitive measures are being taken despite current remote or hybrid learning models.” During virtual instructions, teachers are placing students in zoom breakout rooms, and are turning the students’ cameras or microphones off. While this may be the easiest way for a struggling teacher to handle the situation, “it’s a removal of that child form the educational environment.” Read more on how schools are ‘doubling down’ on relationships with students to support their mental health needs.

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