The Round Up!



As we head into a new school year, it’s important to share the successes of school districts working to reduce school suspensions through alternative means.

Even though many of you know that our policy work is focused on California, school districts all across the country are making moves from punitive to restorative justice practices, positive behavioral intervention and support, and social emotional learning in their schools. We want to include school districts that are beginning to have these important conversations, as well as  bring you more of these success stories! Here are some recent stories that made headlines.

Sharp drop in suspensions as Boston schools try ‘restorative’ approach

Boston public schools have seen a sharp decline in suspensions and expulsions for the last few school years. The drop in suspensions coincided with a decision to implement restorative justice alternatives at schools. Read more…  

Schools finding suspensions ineffective for changing student behavior

In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania – despite 30,000 suspensions during the 2011-2012 school year, the schools that were using positive behavior supports saw a substantial decrease in their suspension rates. Teachers at one school saw a dramatic decrease in suspensions and an increase in how they rated the safety in their schools.  Read more…

Suspending Suspensions

Spokane schools are beginning to examine the effectiveness of suspensions in their district. One high school is using restorative justice to lower suspension rates and improve school climate. Read more…



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