Free Webinar: DSC Model Code: Data, Monitoring and Accountability

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DSC Model Code: Data, Monitoring and Accountability

WHAT: Free webinar focused on using data to make positive school discipline changes and improving community monitoring
WHEN: Thursday, June 27, 4:00/1:00PM (Eastern/Pacific Time)

WHO: Educators, parents, students and community organizations are all invited. 

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Join us for the fourth in a series of webinars on the Dignity in Schools Campaign Model Code on Education and Dignity. The Code is based on the best practices, research and experiences of students, parents, educators and advocates from around the country, and provides a human rights-based framework for education, with specific recommended language that schools and districts can adopt to stop school pushout and end the school-to-prison pipeline.

This webinar will focus on Data, Monitoring and Accountability, found in chapter 5 of the Model Code. We will discuss the specific kinds of data that should be available to all stakeholders in the school community in an easily accessible manner. We will also share guidelines for continual monitoring of school progress, both by the educational system itself and community monitoring structures that analyze data and work with the school system to make improvements. We will be joined by DSC members from Los Angeles, New Orleans and Miami who will share about their own successes and challenges in the gathering of data and community-based monitoring of policies.

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