The Round Up!



Even though many of you know that our policy work is focused on California, school districts all across the country are making moves from punitive to restorative justice practices, positive behavioral intervention and support, and social emotional learning in their schools. We want to include school districts that are beginning to have these important conversations, as well as  bring you more of these success stories! Here are some recent stories that made headlines.

On Discipline Students Seek More Middle Ground

Students in New York City are seeking positive discipline practices, moving away from zero-tolerance suspensions. The Department of Education has credited using alternative discipline policies with a reduction in school suspensions.  Read more… 

Student summit organizes for school discipline changes

About a hundred students recently met in the Twin Cities for a ‘Solutions Not Suspensions’ conference, aimed at sharing their experience with discipline and to discuss alternative solutions. “We want to give them the tools that will allow them to have informed conversations with people in positions of power at their school about what the discipline at their school looks like and how to make it more equitable,” said a summit organizer. Read more…

Fairfax school board approves changes to discipline policies

Fairfax community looks at when parents are notified about potential discipline actions. The school board recently voted to change its discipline policies, and will encourage the use of alternatives to suspensions. Read more…


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