The Round-Up!


Even though many of you know that our policy work is focused on California, school districts all across the country are making moves from punitive to restorative justice practices in their schools. We’re hoping to bring you more of these success stories! We’re going to start with stories that recently made headlines.

Buffalo, N.Y., Schools Ban Out-of-School Suspension for Minor Missteps

In the 2009-2010 school year, one out of every five students was suspended. This week, school board members voted to eliminate suspensions for minor misbehaviors by creating a new code of conduct. The code also requires schools to use intervention and prevention strategies, including restorative justice. Below are two articles on the new code of conduct in Buffalo. Read article number one or two. 

School Boards Join Movement Against Out-of-School Suspensions

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has put out a new report calling the overuse of out of school suspensions a national crisis. In the new policy guide co-created with the report, the NSBA offers school board members concrete steps to take to track school suspension data and address discipline issues. Read more… 

Suspension Rates ‘Shock The Conscience,’ Says Researcher

Two million students were suspended in the 2009 school year – with students of color and those with disabilities suspended at much higher rates than other students. This radio interview speaks with Daniel Losen, author of “Out of School and Off Track” about how suspensions affect our young people and what can be done. Listen here…

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