Breaking News: AB 420 Passed Today!!

Congratulations! AB 420 passed out of the Assembly Education Committee today with a unanimous vote and bipartisan support. The hearing was packed with students, community leaders, parents and educators standing in support as teacher and Coordinator of School Culture and Climate from Davidson Middle School told the Committee, “Suspension alienates the very students who most need connection to social and academic community at school. This is a high price for our culture to pay for the 53% of students suspended for willful defiance.”

This is just the first step, and there is more work ahead. As Leslie Mendoza, student and youth organizer for the Youth Justice Coalition testified, “Unfortunately, a school removal for willful defiance caused a chain reaction that resulted in me being pushed out of my school… School is not only the important for our future, it’s also the safest place for us to be.”

We are building a movement. Reach out to one educator in your community and ask them to support AB 420 today!Thank you for all the letters of support you sent for AB 420!

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