Who Gets Suspended?

Did you know California students were suspended or expelled from school more than 700,000 times last year?

Do you know many are for minor behavioral issues that could be handled in school?

But because of harsh discipline policies, students wind up kicked out of their school, too often to a place where a parent may not be available or they are unsupervised. It’s no surprise that this puts them farther behind in their education, pushes them to drop out, and teaches all the wrong lessons.

Who really gets suspended?

• Students with disabilities are 2x more likely to be suspended than other students
• African American students are 3.5x more likely to be suspended than white students
• Students in the child welfare system who are often moved from school to school and have little stability in their lives
• Students whose parents have lost their jobs
• Students who have been victims of violence
• Students who are struggling and need help

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There’s a better way.

Students, parents, educators, judges, and law enforcement are uniting for common-sense changes that keep students in school instead of kicking them out.

These changes also will make schools safer and stronger for all children. Suspension and expulsion may sometimes be necessary for serious or violent behavior. But they should be the exception not the norm.

Let’s fix it!