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Dismantling the Pipeline: Strategies for Addressing Implicit Bias delves deeper into how stereotyping and institutional bias disproportionately affect students of color. The webinar covers new data from the Civil Rights Data Collection, how implicit and institutional bias affect decision-making, strategies for reducing bias in decision-making that leads to suspensions, expulsions and increased contact with the juvenile justice system.

Dr. Cameron Wedding teaches and develops curricula that address implicit racial bias and is a faculty for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. Her curriculum on implicit bias is being used throughout the United States, to train judges, social workers, teachers, law enforcement, probation officers and anyone who makes decisions that impact youth.

Fixing School Discipline with LCFF explores California’s Local Control Funding Formula, or LCFF. The new law promises to transform schools with resources for young people who most often face the negative impact of harsh school discipline, including foster youth, English language learners, and students from high-poverty areas. Find out how LCFF can promote alternatives to harsh school discipline. Learn what the changes will mean for schools and how educators can help reduce student suspensions to increase learning and improve student outcomes.

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View the LCFF toolkit for educators

View the LCFF toolkit for parents, students and community members

Addressing ACEs in Schools: Trauma-Sensitive Strategies will focus on how complex trauma in childhood affects student learning, student behavior and schools; how trauma-sensitive strategies can be used to improve school climate; and how trauma-sensitive schools are effectively addressing students’ social and emotional needs while decreasing disciplinary referrals, violent incidents, and chronic absences.


Webinar: Mobilize! Launching and Sustaining Successful School Campaigns will discuss how both CADRE and CACY successfully launched campaigns in Los Angeles and San Francisco and what policies were won, as well as detail the challenges and lessons learned from their work and how legal partners, like Public Counsel, can support and assist with bringing about policy changes.


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Disproportionate Discipline: Addressing Implicit Racial Bias in Suspensions will focus on how unconscious biases affect everyone and how they can factor into school decisions about student discipline. This webinar will cover tools and strategies that are effective for combating disciplinary practices that disparately affect students of color.

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Alternative Discipline Makes Cents: Finding Funding to Fuel Change will focus on where to find funding to fuel alternative school discipline in schools and districts. Principal Callahan will discuss various ways that administrators can fund proactive, discipline alternatives in their schools while offering her school as a case study. Additionally, Ms. Omojola will outline a long, but non-exhaustive, list of federal, state and private resources available to fund alternative school discipline strategies.

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In Use The Numbers: Data as a Tool for Change, we will delve deeper into Public Counsel’s How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit and discuss how educators are using data about students, teachers, climate, and behavioral patterns to inform their approaches to fixing school discipline. Both Superintendent Bishop and Principal Aydlett have valuable insights about the importance of data in addressing student behavior and improving school climate.


In the Let’s Fix School Discipline Webinar, Sarah Omojola of Public Counsel will lead you through a hands-on introduction to all the free tools available to California educators, students and parents through our How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit. Sarah is an education advocate and former teacher who understands the law and the challenges facing teachers and administrators.

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“The How We Can Fix School Discipline Toolkit contains step-by-step tools and real-life stories about implementing the alternatives to suspension and expulsion that are proven to keep students in school and learning, improve school climate and student behavior, allow teachers to teach more effectively, help administrators meet benchmarks, raise API and ADA funding, and keep communities from seeing many of their children ending up in the juvenile justice system.” – Sarah Omojola of Public Counsel

Statewide Reforms and Next Steps for California

California has adopted 5 school-discipline-related laws meant to keep students in school and learning. These new laws for 2013 will make a difference in your schools and classrooms — but it’s going to be up to us to help implement them. Education law experts, Laura Faer of Public Counsel and Deborah Ecobedo of the Youth Law Center, explain how five new school discipline laws, effective 1/1/2013, affect students and their families.