How Can We Fix It?

California legislators have approved 7 bills that tackle different parts of the problem with harsh discipline. Ask Governor Brown to sign the bills into law.

If signed by the Governor, the bills will lead to positive change for more than 400,000 California students suspended or expelled from school each year — and for our schools and communities.

Take action now:

  • download the letters of support to Governor Brown
  • Make it PERSONAL — tell a story about how school discipline affects someone you know, add your organization’s logo
  • fax the letters to (916) 558-3177

SB 1088 helps ensure that children who have had contact with the juvenile justice system are able to timely reenroll in school.

Get the letter of support for SB 1088 now

SB 1235 focuses on providing training and support so that evidence-based alternatives to school discipline take root in our highest suspending schools.

Get the letter of support for SB 1235 now

AB 1729 reaffirms superintendents and principals discretion to use other means of correction prior to suspension or expulsion.

Get the letter of support for AB 1729 now

AB 1909 helps ensure that the court and social workers have timely information about foster youth who might be expelled to bring in resources and provide supports to the youth and the school.

Get the letter of support for AB 1909 now

AB 2242 would address the overuse of “willful defiance” for expulsion from the entire school district.

Get the letter of support for AB 2242 now

AB 2537 would give school districts greater discretion to reduce unnecessary expulsions through alternative discipline.

Get the letter of support for AB 2537 now

AB 2616 would help improve student attendance by making technical changes to the process of identifying and addressing a pupil who is struggling with truancy.

Get the letter of support for AB 2616 now

Please fax to Governor Brown at (916) 558-3177